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Thank you for accepting our invitation to the Zurich Physics Colloquium. The following pieces of information should help when planning your talk and your visit to Zurich.

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The colloquium is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, starting at 16:15 and usually lasts one hour including discussion.

The audience includes students and faculty with diverse interests (astrophysics, condensed matter physics, high energy physics, quantum electronics/optics). It thus is important to introduce the topic carefully, with clear explanations about the general goals associated with this field of research and we ask our speakers to spend the first 20 minutes on this task. We also try to attract students to the colloquium with the goal to confront them with the fascination emerging from today's research activities — we explicitly ask you to stir this excitement for your field of research. 

In order to produce an appropriate announcement for the lecture we ask our speakers to send us the following material as soon as possible:

  • Title - no more than 90 characters incl. spaces
  • Name/Affiliation
  • Abstract - no more than 450 characters incl. spaces
  • Pictures related to the subject of the talk for the poster

Please send high-quality pictures (minimum resolution: 1700 px x 2400 px), preferably two or more, one for the background and a second for the 'eyecatch'. For inspiration, please consult the programs of past semesters.

For all questions please contact our secretary  The organizers will cover your travel expenses (preferably a reasonably priced ticket) and your local accommodation in Zurich; a small honorarium is included as well.

Speakers are accommodated in Leonardo Hotel Rigihof near the city centre.  In general, the organization of `travel' is left to the speaker but our secretary will be glad to help. The hotel reservation and reimbursement will be taken care of our secretary; we prefer to handle the reimbursement via bank transfer. During the visit in Zurich, the speaker's host will take care about the scientific program for the day (speakers please inform their host in advance if they wish to meet specific people or visit specific laboratories). We would appreciate if our guests could join for dinner after the colloquium.

How to get to Zurich

How to find the Campus

Visit the maps page on the ETHZ website to find your way to the campus.

Getting around in Zurich

The public transport system is exceptionally good in Zurich. Visit the website for public transport in the Canton Zurich, ZVV.

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