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Wednesday, 28 September 2016, 16:15, HPV G 4

David R. Nelson

Harvard University, Cambridge, USA


Gene Surfing and Survival of the Luckiest

Range expansions have played a crucial role in our evolutionary history. Descriptions of stochastic processes similar to Fokker-Planck equations are crucial for understanding mutations, number fluctuations and selective advantage in such situations. Genetic markers can be used to infer information about growth, ancestral population size and colonization pathways. Neutral mutations optimally positioned at the front of a growing population wave can increase their abundance by gene surfing. Experimental and theoretical studies of this effect will be presented, as well as recent explorations of how microorganisms cooperate and compete in the turbulent environment of the ocean.



HPV G4 lecture room

The colloquium takes place during the academic semester on Wednesdays, 16:15, in HPV G 4 on the Honggerberg Campus of ETH Zurich. After the colloquium we meet at 17:15 in front of the lecture hall for drinks and snacks.



Recordings of lectures from Autumn Semester 2007 to Spring Semester 2015 are available on the ETH Multimedia Portal.
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